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AG: 8ut now it'€™s just a memory.
AG: I guess I must 8e dead.


Michael and Lindsay’s wedding Master post


And thus…Juggey turns into Jones.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jones <3

P.S. Good Job Ray.


It felt like it needed it


Shhh no I’m trying to be cute. Wanna hear me to try to sing the beginning of ET by Katy Perry? Thats the Kanye West part. I dont know if when i do it if its rap anymore so wwhatevva


Chorus dress. My natural resting face is like a smirk-ish. Weiird but whatevvs. Thats it im done goodbye all i must drown in the homeworks and contemplate life in the shower as well perform a musical in the shower. Good day.


Chorus dress swagggg. Jk this dress is annoying. GUESS WHAT THO I MIGHT GO TO TRIAD COM AGAIN YEEBOI

Can you explain gender fluid to me? I don't mean to sound ignorant it just seems like it's come up more recently that people will have it on their blog and I just wanted to see someone explain it from their point of view. No judgement at all, I just like to learn new things and try to understand people better(:


Lets look at it this way…


This is an accurate representation of gender. Gender is a spectrum, which can change and fluctuate over time as you start figuring out which of the social labels describe you.

This is the definition of Gender Fluidity taken from this website:

Gender fluidity conveys a wider, more flexible range of gender expression, with interests and behaviors that may even change from day to day. Gender fluid children do not feel confined by restrictive boundaries of stereotypical expectations of girls or boys. In other words, a child may feel they are a girl some days and a boy on others, or possibly feel that neither term describes them accurately. 

After a while when you start to realize what defines you, most people stay around the same place in the spectrum. Discounting the tiny sliver of red in the picture above for the sake of easier explanations, we could say that red is female and blue is male. Normally, people are completely okay with whichever one of these two genders they are assigned with. The people who arn’t though, are not “just faking it for attention” and we are not looking to be that special little snowflake. 

When you were a tiny little thing in your mum’s stomach, you began to develop a brain and body parts. With all the commotion going on with developing a highly functioning brain that most people don’t actually put to good use, and also trying to make you look human at the same time, things will happen that are outside the norm. These things are categorized as ”disorders” which I’m going to assume everyone knows the basics about. What people sometimes don’t realize is that not all disorders directly lead to negative impacts, such as depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, etc. Most disorders are continually seen as negative because most people just don’t care enough to go on the internet and figure shit out.

People who don’t identify within the normal gender norms are often diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, also known as Gender Identity Disorder. According to this website: 

Gender Identity Disorder is a condition in which a male or female feels a strong identification with the opposite sex. A person with this disorder often experiences great discomfort regarding his or her actual anatomic gender. People with gender identity disorder may act and present themselves as members of the opposite sex and may express a desire to alter their bodies. The disorder affects an individual’s self-image, and can impact the person’s mannerisms, behavior, and dress. Individuals who are committed to altering their physical appearance through cosmetics, hormones and, in some cases, surgery are known as transsexuals.

In simpler terms, Gender Dysphoria is when your brain’s view on your gender develops differently than your physical gender. 

Back to the spectrum, I personally tend to lean towards the light blue, even though my sex is a girl, which is why I almost never explain my personal gender. “Hello, I’m Kat and I’m gender fluid, but kind of a guy but not really. Also I have lady parts.” You can see how this would be hard to explain in normal conversation. The thing with gender, sexuality, and anything of the sort is that, to someone who doesn’t experience these things, everything might seem a little impossible, because most people are very grounded and happy with what they were born with. Honestly, I don’t believe any of us in different gender categories could truly understand everything that comes with dealing with our respective genders. What I mean is, even someone who is trans will not understand fully, the struggles of a gender fluid person, even though we fall under the same queer category. 

I hope this helped, even though it did come from a sort of psychological point of view! When I was trying to figure everything out, I did a lot of internet research on the subject. Now, thankfully I understand myself a bit more I guess even though there is still the struggle of accepting that I’ll never fit into the gender norm and how this will interfere with dating and applying for jobs, as well as daily life difficulties. 

It took me 2 hours to perfect this you are very welcome ily<3







A beautiful way to stop caring about other people’s opinions on you. (x)

Watch this like everyone just watch it

I just love how he seems like an asshole at the beginning but then by the end you realize that was the whole point. Genius.

This is awesome. How is this kid so smart when most people take their whole lives to get this stuff?

Can I marry this man?

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roosterteeth community day outfit for today. Gives me an excuse to not take this scarf off.


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